Powering the future of defense and aerospace

Advanced propulsion systems across space, hypersonics, and national security domains

The Mission

Optimized for speed, cost, and reliability

Ursa Major provides propulsion for critical missions across the commercial and government sectors.

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The Problem

Propulsion is an existential bottleneck

For the United States and its allies, national security and space industry growth depend on access to reliable propulsion. But right now, demand is outpacing supply.


orbital launch growth rate in the last two years


of all launch failures were caused by propulsion issues in the last 15 years.


of the global propulsion supply dissolved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The Solution

launch-ready propulsion systems

American-made, high-performing engines to solidify the U.S.’s leadership in space and defense today and for decades to come.


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  • Tactical hypersonics
  • Missile defense
  • In-space propulsion


Hadley Engine
  • Small launch
  • Hypersonics


Ripley Engine
  • Small launch
  • Medium launch


Arroway Engine Render
  • Heavy launch
  • National security launch
Industry Leaders
Propulsion spans all of aerospace and defense — and so do we

Seeing aerospace advancement as a technological imperative, we’re accelerating the industry as the leading source of world-class propulsion systems.

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