Solutions for Defense

Solutions for Defense

Propulsion for today's critical national security needs and tomorrow's emerging threats

The Problem

Propulsion is fundamental to our National Security

The U.S. supply of rocket engines and solid rocket motors is constrained, while allied nations are asking for more. To meet demand, the industrial base needs to expand with innovative manufacturing methods that re-establish the U.S.’s leadership in space, hypersonic, and defense.

national security depends on access to propulsion.
The Approach

Hardware in the hands of those that need it most

Leveraging additive manufacturing to mass produce hypersonics defense systems and tactical munitions, Ursa Major puts hardware in the hands of the warfighter—faster.

Modular Production
One 3D printer can build hundreds of motors for small, portable missile systems, while maintaining modularity.
Speed and Flexibility
Additive manufacturing methods reduce manufacturing cycles and unlock higher performance. We complete in days what used to take months to produce.
Lower Costs
Our modular approach promises to increase flexibility at decreased cost
Surge readiness
Quicker path to production with uniform, flexible production cells that can quickly scale with demand.
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Missions We Serve

National security launch
Liquid rocket engines with more than 10% higher fuel economy and 30% higher impulse density for increased range/payload.
National Security Launch.png
Storable, liquid rocket engines with the maneuverability and flexibility needed to match increasingly erratic hypersonic threats.
Tactical systems
Mixed product manufacturing approach to families of solid rocket motors for flexible, adaptable, and surge-capable production.
Solid Rocket Motors

Solid rocket motors that are additively manufactured for production speed and flexibility

Suitable for tactical missiles, missile defense, hypersonic

2-22" Diameter
Tailorable Thrust Profile
Composite Solid

In development: A flexible liquid engine with the storability of a solid motor

Suitable for tactical hypersonics, missile defense, in-space propulsion

Hydrogen Peroxide / Kerosene
4,000 lbf
Thrust, Sea Level
Closed Catalyst Cycle

In development: Highest performing kerosene engine ever built in the U.S.

Suitable for small to medium commercial launch

Lox / Kerosene
staged combustion
50,000 lbf
Thrust, Sea Level
Latest News
Air Force Research Laboratory selects Ursa Major to provide hypersonics defense and space launch capabilities.
Ursa Major, America's leading privately funded company focused solely on rocket propulsion, today announced a contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to advance U.S. hypersonics defense programs and space launch capabilities.
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Engine test stands at Ursa Major's headquarters in Berthoud, Colorado.

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