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Powering the Future of Defense and Aerospace

We’re accelerating the space industry and growth of the defense industrial base as the leading source of world-class propulsion systems.

A crew that doesn’t stop at good enough

Most of our team has worked with the big names in New Space — and ultimately joined Ursa Major to push rocket engines even further.

As much as we value talent, we know that it’s meaningless without the drive, humility, and hunger to work on a team. A team shares a common goal and obsesses about achieving it together. This requires leaving egos at the door and committing to do whatever is required (within reason) to achieve mission success.

The world's best propulsion demands the best team, and our success is found in being able to build both.

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Exceptional work deserves an exceptional workplace

Our one-of-a kind campus co-locates engineering, manufacturing, & testing operations, allowing for unmatched development time and the chance for employees, customers, and investors alike to experience rocket engine testing as a part of the normal work day.

Ursa Major thrives upon a 90-acre campus with multiple full-engine test stands, sub-component testing, multi-propellant testing, and more than 60K sqft of manufacturing and build space with advanced manufacturing technology. All of this is found only 40 minutes north of Denver and 30 minutes south of Fort Collins.


Ursa Major Technologies
Berthoud, CO

Our Advisors

Space demands collaboration

Our advisors offer a wealth of industry history and expertise to ensure mission success

Will Roper

Dr. Will Roper

Former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics

Michele Flournoy

Michele Flournoy

Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

Michael Goldberg

Michael Goldberg

Global head of A&D for Bain & Company

Ron Sugar

Dr. Ron Sugar

Former CEO of Northrop Grumman

Deborah Lee

Deborah Lee James

Former Secretary of the Air Force

Charles F. Bolden

Charles F. Bolden Jr

Former NASA Administrator