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The Problem

Propulsion is notoriously difficult and expensive.

For decades, the U.S. aerospace and defense industry has faced two problematic choices for propulsion: build engines in-house—which can take 5-10 years and hundreds of millions of dollars—or buy outdated or foreign technology.

Propulsion accounts for
Of launch failures
Of vehicle costs
Of vehicle complexity
The Approach

Get to the launch pad faster

With high-performing, turnkey rocket engines, Ursa Major focuses exclusively on propulsion so you don't have to.

80% of engines' mass is 3D printed for quick iteration, part commonality, and shorter build timelines​.
Oxygen-rich staged combustion cycle as our baseline is a higher performing architecture at a fraction of the cost of traditional engine programs.​​
80,000+ seconds of runtime in testing for proven reliability and performance.
Built with reusability in mind.
hadley wireframe mobile
hadley engine wireframe

Missions We Serve

Flexible engines for small, medium, and heavy launch vehicles.
Hypersonic testbeds
Accelerate the pace of hypersonic testing, without relying on a wind tunnel.
Reliable propulsion capable of multiple restarts and a custom burn duration within the vacuum of space.

In production: America’s first oxygen-rich staged combustion engine 

Suitable for small launch, hypersonics

Lox / Kerosene
staged combustion
5,000 lbf
Thrust, Sea Level
6,500 lbf

In development: Highest performing kerosene engine ever built in the U.S.

Suitable for small to medium commercial launch

Lox / Kerosene
staged combustion
50,000 lbf
Thrust, Sea Level

In design: The future of American engines for heavy lift

Suitable for medium to heavy launch, national security launch, RD-180 replacement

Lox / Methane
Staged Combustion
200,000 lbf
Thrust, Sea Level
Latest News
Hadley engines qualified for launch, hypersonics, and in-space missions
Achieving liftoff takes something different every time, and Ursa Major’s Hadley engine now has three qualified variants built to satisfy America’s commercial and national security space needs. Having one engine that’s suitable for multiple missions means commercial launch providers can get larger payloads to orbit faster and at a lower cost. For America’s military, a single engine that can meet small launch and hypersonic needs is a game-changer in the race to stay ahead of Russia and China.
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Hadley Hotfire Test

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